The Healing Powers of Schisandra Berry

Schisandra Berry is one of the foundational ingredients in many Chinese medicine mixtures. It is also called “Five Flavor Fruit” because it is said to contain all five dimensions of flavor: salty, sweet, pungent, bitter, and sour. There are several health benefits to this plant, which is why it has been used in traditional Eastern medicine for thousands of years.

We use Schisandra fruit in Be Serene due to it’s positive benefits on mental health. It is an adaptogen that helps your body adjust in stressful conditions, and helps you to combat the negative effects anxiety can have. Some initial animal studies have shown that it may also have an anti-depressant effect. However, there are even more amazing health benefits to adding this supplement to your daily regimen.

Schisandra Supplement for Alzheimer's and More​

Studies have shown that Schisandra extract helps to block the brain from producing harmful plaque, that is found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. It also has neurologically protective and anti-inflammatory properties, which may be good for people with other neurological disorders.

Schisandra has also been found to be helpful for certain liver conditions. It reduces the fatty acids and inflammation caused by certain illnesses like hepatitis and cirrhosis. An animal study also proved it’s effectiveness in blocking or slowing liver damage in people with liver disorders. What a powerful supplement!

Are There Any Schisandra Side Effects?​

Taking too much Schisandra extract can cause heartburn and other minor digestive discomforts. However, when you take it in Be Serene, we have already formulated the perfect amount that is unlikely to cause any negative or uncomfortable side effects. As with any type of supplement, if you are pregnant, nursing, or are concerned about a medical condition, consult a trusted healthcare practitioner before adding something new to your regimen. 

Forms of Schisandra Berry​

When you take Be Serene, you know that you are getting a perfect dosage of this and the four other essential ingredients we use. However, there are also other forms. Many people drink Schisandra berry tea, or use a powder or extract.

We use non-GMO Schisandra because we want you to feel great about what you’re putting in your body. We would never put something in our product that we wouldn’t also want to take every single day.

Ready to embark on a lower-anxiety lifestyle? Give Schisandra a try!

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Dr. Morgan Camp M.D.

Dr. Morgan Camp M.D.

Dr. Morgan is an expert in Functional and Integrative Medicine with a Strong Emphasis in stress related illnesses like anxiety and insomnia. In addition to his 20 years of work in Functional Medicine, he has expanded his practice to include work on the deeper aspects of our being that point to the root cause of our illnesses working with Mind Body Wellness, Energy Medicine, and Healing with Consciousness.

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