Team & Advisory Board

Dr. Morgan Camp, M.D


Dr. Morgan is an expert in Functional and Integrative Medicine with a Strong Emphasis on stress-related illnesses like anxiety and insomnia. In addition to his 20 years of work in Functional Medicine, he has expanded his practice to include work on the deeper aspects of our being that point to the root cause of our illnesses working with Mind-Body Wellness, Energy Medicine, and Healing with Consciousness. 

Dr. Morgan Practices in the Bay Area.  He loves hiking, swimming, meditating, working out, cooking, skiing & yoga.  He is passionate about the evolution of consciousness and the inter-relatedness of our health, our beliefs, and our state of mind.

Malcolm Garland


Malcolm met Dr. Morgan years ago in a taxi on their way to a meditation retreat. They shared their experiences of anxiety and insomnia and hatched the idea to build a brand to support people around the world struggling with Anxiety with Nutrition and Education. Thus Be Serene was born. 

Malcolm’s responsible for everything at Be Serene that doesn’t require an M.D. Before Be Serene, he worked in finance and technology companies in Silicon Valley. 

Ruthie M.

Customer Support

Ruthie is our customer service support. You can find her through email at on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Ruthie is also a married work-at-home mom, raising two beautiful children in Kansas City. She has a passion for helping people and is always ready to take the extra step to make someone’s day better. 

Steven Finkbine

Formulation Alchemist

Dr. Steven Finkbine, DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), Co-Founder of Alchemist Lab, is an expert on the use of alternative and herbal treatments for a wide range of illnesses. He has over 20 years of clinical experience and treats a wide range of issues including anxiety, insomnia, and depression. After discovering Mulungu, Dr. Morgan first went to Dr. Steven who immediately saw its potential. Dr. Steven was integral in the formulation of Be Serene and is working with Dr. Morgan on a number of forthcoming formulas for anxiety and insomnia.