Schisandra Berry

Schisandra Berry

Schisandra berry is an amazing herb used in Chinese medicine. It is also known as five flavor fruit, due to the purplish berries. They are said to have five flavors: salty, bitter, pungent, sweet, and sour. The scientific name is schisandra chinesis.

In addition to the berries, seeds are also used medicinally. The plant has been used for anxiety and other health concerns in China and Eastern Russia, the plant’s native environment, for thousands of years.

Schisandra Berry

Schisandra Berry Benefits

Like many of the compounds we use in Be Serene, schisandra has many health benefits. Healing anxiety is just one of them. Schisandra supplement can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease because it works to prevent the formation of harmful plaque found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. It also helps prevent liver disease and can ease some of the symptoms of menopause.

However, we have chosen schisandra for its effects on depression and stress. Animal studies have proven the anti-depressant affect of the supplement. Additionally experts believe that this plant is an adaptogen. That means it helps the body adapt in stressful situations, lowering anxiety and improving the immune system. Because it has such a calming effect, it may also help you sleep better.

Schisandra has very few side effects. However if you’re pregnant or nursing you should contact your doctor before taking the supplement. Since it is processed in the liver, where other drugs are processed, please consult with your doctor before adding a supplement like this one to your regimen if you are on any medications.

The Science Behind Schisandra

There are several things that make this supplement amazing. Modern studies have proven many of the effects seen by Chinese medicine practitioners for millennia. Its adaptogenic properties help your adrenal glands mediate their response to stress. When your adrenal glands put out too much cortisol the effects of stress are close at hand. These may include low energy, mental fog, and sleeping issues.

One study in mice showed that this plant had a positive effects on several neurotransmitters in the brain, noradrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine.

Noradrenaline is also more commonly known as norepinephrine. The neurotransmitter helps get your body ready to spring into action when something bad is happening. There are times when we need this help. When there is something scary, we may need to run quickly or think fast and norepinephrine helps with that. However, overactive nervous systems may put out norepinephrine when it is not needed, making you feel on edge. Schisandra berry helps regulate this essential hormone.

Serotonin primarily contributes to feelings of happiness, although it does have many other functions within the body. When you don’t have enough serotonin you may feel depressed and sluggish. Helping to regulate your serotonin levels may make you feel more even keeled and energetic.

Dopamine is also important for a general feelings of well-being. It is often associated with happiness, but what it actually regulates is our motivation and reward system. A dopamine system that is out of balance may cause us to seek out dopamine in unhealthy ways to diffuse anxiety. Using natural supplements like schisandra can help us stay healthier by regulating this system.

Schisandra berry comes in many forms. You can get it as schisandra berry powder, juice, extract, schisandra berry tea, and more. When you take Be Serene, you don’t have to worry about the dosage or form. We have formulated our product to have the perfect amount of schisandra that balances with all of our other natural ingredients to promote well-being and make you feel great. We use non-GMO schisandra so you can feel good about putting in your body.

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