Mulungu Bark

Mulungu Bark

Mulungu Bark is a supplement that comes from the mulungu tree. The scientific name for this plant is Erythruna mulungu. It is also sometimes known as a coral tree due to the coral color of the flowers. While many parts of this plant have been used medicinally by indigenous people of the Amazon region for centuries, we focused on the healing properties of Mulungu Bark powder when creating Be Serene. This supplement is a natural option for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. However, it also has several other potential benefits.

Mulungu Bark Benefits

While there are many potential benefits to mulungu bark, the primary uses are to lower anxiety, help with sleep issues like insomnia, and depression. Studies prove its anxiety relieving properties. One small study even showed that taking mulungu helped relieve anxiety during a dental procedure.

It also helps with insomnia at higher doses. This makes sense because some cases of insomnia are related to general anxiety or anxious thoughts that just won’t stop late at night. With mulungu, you can quiet your mind and get some rest.

The main benefits to mulungu bark are a reduction in anxiety and as a sleep aid, but there may be other benefits too. Scientists believe that it may help to prevent epileptic seizures. This is an incredibly useful finding because up to 40% of people suffering from want alternative solutions.

Mulungu may also be useful as a pain reliever. While experts are not 100% clear on what gives it these properties, they do note that it seems to work differently than opioids. They believe that it may reduce the pain sensation from nerves themselves, rather than reducing the pain messages from nerves to the brain like opioids. However, more research is needed to determine the truth behind how it functions for this purpose.

The Science Behind Mulungu

The magic of mulungu is that it functions like GABA – an essential amino acid that binds with the GABA receptors in your brain to regulate function. Low levels of GABA in the brain can lead to depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Two of the compounds found within mulungu, (+)- erythravine and (+)- 11a-hydroxyerythravine, bind with the receptors and trick the brain into thinking it has enough GABA, helping to regulate and calm the nervous system, allowing you to feel better. 

As a natural supplement, it is easy to add it into your daily regimen and then remove it if you find it doesn’t work for you. This is a safer and all-natural way to tackle your anxiety or insomnia. 

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