Can a Multivitamin Help With Anxiety

Anxiety has many different causes. One cause may be a vitamin deficiency or imbalance. There are several multivitamins for anxiety. You might already be taking one that is perfect for stress every day. Here’s what to look for in a supplement if you want help with stress levels and anxiety.

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Vitamin B Complex

There are eight different types of vitamin B and all of them can help you manage stress and anxiety in different ways. Some people take a supplement that has just one type of vitamin B. However, all these B vitamins play an important role in your mental health, so getting a vitamin for anxiety with many of them is a good idea. 

Studies have shown that vitamin B-12 in particular is important for preventing depression and anxiety. Most people can get enough of this nutrient from foods, but some B vitamins are only found in animal products. So, vegetarians and vegans need to be especially mindful about taking a supplement with this nutrient.



Magnesium was the first supplement I listed in my Guide to Anxiety Relief Natural Ingredients. Those who are low in magnesium may suffer from depression and anxiety. Taking a supplement with this nutrient may be especially important for people who menstruate. Some studies have shown that supplementing with magnesium can reduce anxiety related to pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Studies have also shown that taking in omega 3 fatty acids in a multivitamin for anxiety can help to lower or prevent stress. There are a few studies that have proven this point. This is usually found in fish oil or flax seed based supplements. Be aware that this nutrient can thin your blood, so you may need to ask your doctor about adding this into your diet if you have certain conditions.

Can Multivitamins Help Anxiety?

The short answer is that yes, multivitamins can help with anxiety. However, nutrients are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to anxiety. For most people, anxiety solutions involve multi-faceted lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, sleep schedule, and more. 

Another supplement that helps anxiety is Be Serene. Make it part of your anxiety fighting regimen!

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Dr. Morgan Camp M.D.

Dr. Morgan Camp M.D.

Dr. Morgan is an expert in Functional and Integrative Medicine with a Strong Emphasis in stress related illnesses like anxiety and insomnia. In addition to his 20 years of work in Functional Medicine, he has expanded his practice to include work on the deeper aspects of our being that point to the root cause of our illnesses working with Mind Body Wellness, Energy Medicine, and Healing with Consciousness.

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