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It’s time to stop surviving and start THRIVING.

Daily Relief for Everyday Calm

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BeSerene is about finding joy, not managing symptoms.

Too many anxiety treatment options leave you numb and struggling to connect. Instead of masking symptoms, BeSerene helps to restore your body’s natural baseline so you feel less anxious AND still feel like you.

Imagine the place you feel safest. Now imagine you could take that feeling of security, ease, confidence, and calm with you everywhere you go.

That’s EXACTLY the way BeSerene is designed to help you feel.

Fewer Anxious Thoughts

Be Serene is packed with high-potency ingredients to help undo the biological patterning that causes your mind to race and body to react. When the nervous system is calm, the mind relaxes and begins to feel safe!

Better Emotional Resilience

Be Serene regulates adrenal hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. It improves resiliency to stress, and helps you adapt to adversity without lasting difficulties.

Improved Well-being

Be Serene is formulated with 100% natural and healthy ingredients. Our mission is to help you be healthy - mentally AND physically –that’s why we only use ingredients you can trust (and pronounce!)

Room To Grow

When the nervous system is calm, you can stop spending time managing symptoms and playing catch-up, and start investing in practices and programs that lead to your joy and thriving.

Why it was created?

Be Serene is an innovative formula designed with your holistic well-being in mind. Because it’s made with adaptogens, it works with (not against!) your body and brain to restore the nervous system’s natural state of calm. Be Serene combines 5 high-quality natural ingredients carefully selected to help you feel like the best version of you.

Featuring 5 Potent, Healthy Ingredients


Remember that trip to the Amazon rainforest? That’s where traditional healers have been using Mulungu bark to relieve anxiety for thousands of years!

This powerful, yet gentle, plant has been studied intensely and found to be safe and non-toxic with some remarkable benefits. It may even help reduce nicotine cravings, improve heart health, and boost your brain power!


A cousin of the asparagus plant, Shatavari is a staple of traditional Indian medicine to help cope with physical and mental stress. It’s also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, boost your immune system, help maintain blood sugar, fight signs of aging, and help reduce depression.

Think of Shatavari like a vegetable for the brain, packed full of nourishment to improve mental health naturally.

Holy Basil

For over 3,000 years, Tulsi has been used around the world for its healing properties. Alongside Mulungu, it provides gentle relief for anxiety by promoting a deep sense of calm.


Our favorite natural stress fighter! By reducing levels of stress hormone in your body, Schisandra naturally balances mind and body so you can take whatever life throws at you in stride.


Rehmannia root is a “super-tonic” that supports and heals the entire body. It reduces your body’s stress reaction BEFORE there is stress to respond to, so when something goes wrong, you’ll be able to stay calmer. Rehmannia also helps to balance hormones for relaxed whole-body happiness.

Your journey is about finding what works for YOU. If, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with BeSerene within the first 180 days, we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked. Just shoot our friendly customer support staff a message and we’ll help right away!